Definition of Area Charge

Area Charge means a Charge Payment that permits a Vehicle to be within a Charging Zone during the Charging Hours of a Scheme (as defined within the relevant Scheme Order) without incurring a Penalty Charge;

Examples of Area Charge in a sentence

The "Common Area Charge" shall be an annual charge of [***] per square foot of the Premises for the Common Area Costs defined in Section 7.04(b), subject to adjustment as provided in Section 7.05.
Until the increase under this paragraph is computed and a statement thereof is furnished to Tenant by Owner, Tenant agrees to continue to pay the then current Common Area Charge attributable to Tenant's annual share of common area charges as previously determined under this paragraph.
Common Area Charge: Tenant shall pay as additional rent hereunder (on a pro-rata monthly basis) an amount equal to 84 per square foot (or, viz, $58,328 per lease year, the first lease year commencing on the Commencement Date and ending one year thereafter and each subsequent lease year beginning on the anniversary date of the prior lease year and ending one year thereafter), to cover the cost to Owner of the expenses of common area maintenance.
The cost of such repair, maintenance, operation, insurance and management, including without limitation, maintenance and repair of landscaping, irrigation systems, paving, sidewalks, fences, and lighting, shall be a Common Area Charge and Tenant shall pay to Landlord its share of such costs as provided in Paragraph 12 below.
In addition, the cost of any utility services supplied to the Common Area or not separately metered to the Premises shall be a Common Area Charge and Tenant shall pay Tenant's Pro Rata Share of such costs to Landlord as provided in Paragraph 12 below.