Definition of Annualized Combined EBITDA

Annualized Combined EBITDA means, for any quarter, the product of Combined EBITDA for such period of time multiplied by four (4), provided that any non-recurring item that is an expense will be added back to net income in determining such Combined EBITDA before such multiplication and deducted once from such product, and further provided that any non-recurring item that is income will be added to such product once and will not be multiplied by four.

Examples of Annualized Combined EBITDA in a sentence

For purposes hereof: (x) Value Component shall mean the Annualized Combined EBITDA Amount (as defined below) multiplied by thirteen (13); (y) Annualized Combined EBITDA Amount shall mean the Average Quarterly Combined EBITDA (as defined below) multiplied by four (4); and (z) Average Quarterly Combined EBITDA shall mean the aggregate amount of Combined EBITDA achieved over the seven fiscal quarters immediately preceding the last fiscal quarter of the Initial Term divided by seven (7).