Annual Town Meeting definition

Annual Town Meeting means the Town meeting held under Sec. 60.11, Wis. Stats.
Annual Town Meeting means the Annual Town Meeting pursuant to 17 V.S.A. § 2640 (2013).
Annual Town Meeting means the town meeting held under s. 60.11.

Examples of Annual Town Meeting in a sentence

  • Pursuant to Article 8 of the April 11, 2005 Annual Town Meeting, an employee in the federal military reserve or a state National Guard who is called to active service shall be entitled to their regular base salary and shall not lose any seniority or paid leave benefits while on military leave; provided, however, that such base pay shall be reduced by any amount received from the United States as pay or allowance for military service performed.

  • The Personnel Board may tentatively add a new class to the Classification Schedule or reallocate an existing class to a different compensation grade, either higher or lower, subject to the subsequent ratification of its action by formal amendment of the Salary Administration Plan at the next Annual Town Meeting.

  • If the Personnel Board approves of any proposed amendment, it shall bring it before the next available Special or Annual Town Meeting for its consideration.

  • Reserve Fund:This fund is established by the voters at the Annual Town Meeting only and may be composed of (a) an appropriation (not exceeding 5% of the tax levy of the preceding year), (b) money transferred from Overlay Reserve, or (c) both.

  • Not later than six (6) months prior to Annual Town Meeting, the Personnel Board may vote an annual adjustment (but shall reserve the right to vote no adjustment) to the Classification Schedule and establish the effective rate for employees of each grade for the next fiscal year, subject to the subsequent ratification of its action by formal amendment of the Salary Administration Plan at the next Annual Town Meeting.

  • Funds will be available on July 1st following the Annual Town Meeting.

  • Municipal Law requires the adoption of a balanced budget that is approved at the Annual Town Meeting.

  • The Select Board voted at their August 25, 2020 meeting to include the 2020 Annual Town Meeting petitioned articles on a subsequent special or annual Town Meeting as Select Board articles.

  • This process is not completed until after Acton’s Annual Town Meeting; therefore, we are unable to specify a dollar amount at Town Meeting.

  • A six-member Board of Finance is responsible for presenting fiscal operating budgets to the Annual Town Meeting.

Related to Annual Town Meeting

  • Annual Meeting means the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Company.

  • Open meeting or "public meeting" means a meeting at which the public may be present.

  • special meeting in lieu of an annual meeting means a special meeting called by Directors for the purpose of electing Directors in the event that an annual meeting is not held on or before such date as may be required by the NYSE Amex, New York Stock Exchange or such other exchange or trading system on which shares are principally traded, if applicable.

  • meeting of shareholders means an annual meeting of shareholders or a special meeting of shareholders;

  • special meeting of shareholders means a meeting of any particular class or classes of shareholders and a meeting of all shareholders entitled to vote at any annual meeting of shareholders at which special business is to be transacted.

  • Special Meeting means a special meeting of the holders of Voting Shares, called by the Board of Directors for the purpose of approving a supplement or amendment to this Agreement pursuant to Subsection 5.4(b);

  • relevant meeting means a meeting of the authority to consider whether or not to approve a proposal to dismiss a relevant officer; and

  • Board Meeting means a meeting of the Board;

  • Court Meeting means, if the Acquisition proceeds by way of a Scheme, the meeting(s) of the holders of the Target Shares or any adjournment thereof to be convened by an order of the Court and, if thought fit, approve the Scheme (with or without amendment), together with any meeting held as a result of an adjournment or reconvention by the Court thereof.

  • Shareholders Meeting shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.1.

  • Shareholder Meeting means a meeting of the Company’s shareholders.

  • Meeting of Members means an annual meeting of members or a special meeting of members;

  • Stockholder Meeting means each annual or special meeting of stockholders of the Company, or any other meeting of stockholders held in lieu thereof, and any adjournment, postponement, reschedulings or continuations thereof; (k) the term “Synthetic Equity Interests” means any derivative, swap or other transaction or series of transactions engaged in by such person, the purpose or effect of which is to give such person economic risk similar to ownership of equity securities of any class or series of the Company, including due to the fact that the value of such derivative, swap or other transactions are determined by reference to the price, value or volatility of any shares of any class or series of the Company’s equity securities, or which derivative, swap or other transactions provide the opportunity to profit from any increase in the price or value of shares of any class or series of the Company’s equity securities, without regard to whether (i) the derivative, swap or other transactions convey any voting rights in such equity securities to such person; (ii) the derivative, swap or other transactions are required to be, or are capable of being, settled through delivery of such equity securities; or (iii) such person may have entered into other transactions that hedge or mitigate the economic effect of such derivative, swap or other transactions; and (l) the term “Third Party” refers to any person that is not a Party, a member of the Board, a director or officer of the Company, or legal counsel to any Party. In this Agreement, unless a clear contrary intention appears, (i) the word “including” (in its various forms) means “including, without limitation;” (ii) the words “hereunder,” “hereof,” “hereto” and words of similar import are references in this Agreement as a whole and not to any particular provision of this Agreement; (iii) the word “or” is not exclusive; (iv) defined terms used in the singular include the plural and vice versa; and (v) references to “Sections” in this Agreement are references to Sections of this Agreement unless otherwise indicated.

  • Public meeting means a meeting that is required to be open to the public

  • Meeting means any meeting of:

  • Stockholders Meeting has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.

  • General Meeting means a general meeting of members convened in accordance with rule 12.

  • Annual General Meeting means the meeting held by the Society in the first four months (or such other period as permitted by the Statutes) of each Financial Year at which the Annual Accounts are presented and which is specified as such in the notice convening the meeting;

  • Holders’ Meeting means a meeting among the Holders held in accordance with Clause 17 (Holders’ Meeting).

  • Company Stockholder Meeting means the meeting of the holders of shares of Company Common Stock for the purpose of seeking the Company Stockholder Approval, including any postponement or adjournment thereof.

  • Ordinary meeting means a meeting held by determination of the Board (SER r.115(1)).

  • Meeting Date means the date on which the Meeting is held in accordance with the Meeting Order.

  • Mid-Span Meet means an Interconnection between two (2) networks, designated by two (2) Telecommunications Carriers, whereby each provides its own cable and equipment up to the Meet Point of the cable facilities. “Mid-Span Meet POI” A Mid-Span Meet POI is a negotiated Point of Interface, limited to the Interconnection of facilities between the Qwest Serving Wire Center location and the location of the CLEC switch or other equipment located within the area served by the Qwest Serving Wire Center.

  • Meeting Fees means fees for attending a meeting of the Board or one of its committees as set forth in Section 5.3 hereof.

  • Company Stockholders Meeting shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(b).

  • Company Shareholders Meeting shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.2(b).