Definition of Annual Awards

Annual Awards means Stock Awards granted to each Eligible Director pursuant to Section 8(c)(ii).

Examples of Annual Awards in a sentence

As described in this Article, Awards may be Annual Awards (as defined in subsection 3.3(a)), Deferred Awards (as defined in subsection 3.3(b)), Gap Year Awards (as defined in subsection 3.5(a)) or Discretionary Awards (as defined in subsection 3.1(d)).
There shall be no limit on the number of Annual Awards any one Eligible Director may receive over his or her period of continued Board service during the term of this Plan.
For purposes of this Agreement, Award Agreement will mean the form of award agreement entered into between Executive and the Company in connection with the Special Grant and Annual Awards.
All Annual Awards become the obligation of the company on whose payroll the Officer is enrolled at the time the Committee makes the Annual Award.
Annual Awards granted under this Article VII that would otherwise exceed the maximum number of shares under Section 1.4 shall be prorated within such limitation.