Amendments to Loan Agreement definition

Amendments to Loan Agreement means, collectively, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment to Loan Agreement, the Year 2004 Amendment to Loan Agreement, and any and all other present and future amendments to the Loan Agreement which are entered into between Borrower and Lender in writing.

Examples of Amendments to Loan Agreement in a sentence

  • INDEX TO EXHIBITS Sequentially Exhibit Numbered Number Exhibits Page -------- -------------------------------------------------------- ------------ 4(m) First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendments to Loan Agreement dated July 14, 1993 between the Registrant and Selex International, B.V., Incorporated herein by reference to Exhibit 4 to the Registrant's Report on Form 8-K dated February 17, 1994.

  • Amendments to Loan Agreement, the Deed to Secure Debt and Loan Certificate................................

  • The Loan Agreement was amended and restated on May 17, 2016, by letter agreement, and on November 2, 2017, January 24, 2018 and May 1, 2018 by Amendments to Loan Agreement (collectively, the “BofA Loan Facility”).

  • The Loan Agreement has been amended pursuant to Amendments to Loan Agreement dated August 9, 1993, November 30, 1993, May 13, 1994 and December 20, 1994.

  • Vorkink Country Director Bulgaria and Romania Country Unit Europe and Central Asia Region CONFIRMED: REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA By /s/ Muravei Radev Authorized Representative Date: December 6, 1999 ANNEX Amendments to Loan Agreement 1.


  • Except as amended by the First and Second Amendments to Loan Agreement and hereby, the Loan Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and is hereby ratified and confirmed in all respects.

  • Amendments to Loan Agreement (Special Operations).Sources: Asian Development Bank and Government of Georgia.

  • In November 2004, SIM-BCD’s PRC shareholder was approved to transfer all of its equity interest in SIM-BCD to BCD.

  • Amendments to Loan Agreement and Promissory Note Requiring Consent of Bondholders 97 Section 1010.

Related to Amendments to Loan Agreement

  • Loan Agreement With respect to any Mortgage Loan or Serviced Whole Loan, the loan agreement, if any, between the related Originator and the Borrower, pursuant to which such Mortgage Loan was made.

  • Original Loan Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals hereto.

  • Existing Loan Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.

  • Loan Agreements means any other loan agreements entered into by and between the Trust and one or more of the Borrowers pursuant to which the Trust will make Loans to such Borrowers from moneys on deposit in the Project Fund, excluding the Project Loan Account, financed with the proceeds of the Trust Bonds.

  • Term Loan Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.

  • Prior Loan Agreement is defined in the recitals hereto.

  • Financing Agreement means any lease purchase agreement, installment sale agreement, loan agreement, line of credit or other agreement of the department or, with the approval of the director, and any agency, to finance the improvement, use or acquisition of real or personal property that is or will be owned or operated by one or more agencies of the State, the department or any agency, or to refinance previously executed financing agreements including certificates of participation relating thereto. The School shall not act as a guarantor of any such financing agreement.

  • Credit Agreement has the meaning assigned to such term in the preliminary statement of this Agreement.

  • Restatement Agreement means the Restatement Agreement to the Existing Credit Agreement dated as of June 30, 2017 by and among each of the Loan Parties party thereto, the Administrative Agent and the Lenders party thereto.

  • Funding Loan Agreement means the Funding Loan Agreement, of even date herewith, among the Governmental Lender, the Fiscal Agent and the Funding Lender, as it may from time to time be supplemented, modified or amended by one or more amendments or other instruments supplemental thereto entered into pursuant to the applicable provisions thereof.

  • Senior Loan Agreement means the amended and restated loan agreement among the issuer, the lenders and the administrative agent.

  • Mezzanine Loan Agreement means that certain Mezzanine Loan Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, between Mezzanine Borrower and Mezzanine Lender, as the same may be amended, restated, replaced, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.

  • First Amended and Restated Credit Agreement as defined in the recitals.

  • Amendment and Restatement Agreement means the Amendment and Restatement Agreement, dated as of January 29, 2016, among the Borrowers, the Lenders party thereto and the Administrative Agent.

  • Construction Loan Agreement means an agreement by and between Owner, as borrower thereunder, and Hydro-Québec Lender, pursuant to which Hydro-Québec Lender shall finance a portion of the Project Costs with loans to Owner on a senior secured basis. Loans under the Construction Loan Agreement, together with contributions to the equity capital of Owner, shall fund all Project Costs in a manner consistent with Owner’s obligations under Section 5.6 and Section 8.3(a).

  • Bridge Loan Agreement means that certain Bridge Loan Agreement by and between Parent, the Company, USPG, NH LLC, Diabetes and National dated as of April 30, 2009, as amended or modified in effect from time to time in accordance with the ComVest Subordination Agreement and the ComVest Senior Subordination Agreement.

  • Second Amended and Restated Credit Agreement as defined in the recitals.

  • Amended and Restated Credit Agreement is defined in Section 3 hereof.

  • Loan Modification Agreement means a Loan Modification Agreement, in form reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, among the Borrower, the Administrative Agent and one or more Accepting Lenders, effecting one or more Permitted Amendments and such other amendments hereto and to the other Loan Documents as are contemplated by Section 2.24.

  • Forbearance Agreement “hereunder,” “hereof,” herein,” or words of like import referring to the Agreement shall mean and be a reference to the Agreement, as amended by this Amendment No. 14. Except as amended by this Amendment No. 14, the provisions of the Agreement are and shall remain in full force and effect. Except as provided in this Amendment No. 14, nothing in this Amendment No. 14 shall constitute a waiver of the rights or obligations of any of the Parties under the Agreement.

  • Amended Credit Agreement means the Existing Credit Agreement as amended hereby.

  • Existing Agreement The Distribution Agreement between ALPS and the Fund dated April 16, 2018, as amended “ALPS” ALPS Distributors, Inc. “Fund” DBX ETF Trust Except as amended hereby, all terms of the Existing Agreement remain in full force and effect. This Amendment includes the amendments in Schedule A and general terms in Schedule B.

  • Borrower Loan Agreement means each loan agreement entered into between the Issuer and a Borrower;

  • Note Agreement hereunder," "hereof," "herein," or words of like import referring to the Note Agreement, shall mean and be a reference to the Note Agreement, as amended hereby.

  • Term Credit Agreement shall have the meaning assigned to that term in the recitals to this Agreement and shall include any one or more other agreements, indentures or facilities extending the maturity of, consolidating, restructuring, refunding, replacing or refinancing all or any portion of the Term Obligations, whether by the same or any other agent, trustee, lender, group of lenders, creditor or group of creditors and whether or not increasing the amount of any Indebtedness that may be incurred thereunder.

  • Agency loan agreement means any agreement pursuant to