Definition of Amarin Know-How

Amarin Know-How means any and all rights, of which, as of the Effective Date, there is none, which Amarin may own, license or control (otherwise than pursuant to this Agreement) to any scientific, pharmaceutical or technical information, data, discovery, invention (whether patentable or not), know-how, substances, techniques, processes, systems, formulations and designs and expertise relating to the Compound or Device used to administer the Product which is not generally known to the public.

Examples of Amarin Know-How in a sentence

Licensee shall submit copies in English of each proposed academic, scientific, medical and other publication or presentation that contains or refers to the Amarin Patents, Amarin Know-How or otherwise relates to the Product or any research or Development Activities under this Agreement to Amarin at least [***] in advance of submitting such proposed publication or presentation to a publisher or other Third Party.
The embodiments of intellectual property includes all tangible, intangible, electronic or other embodiments of rights and licenses hereunder, including all compounds and products embodying intellectual property, Products, filings with Regulatory Authorities and related rights and Amarin Know-How in the case that Amarin is the Bankrupt Party and Licensee Know-How in the case Licensee is the Bankrupt Party.
For clarity, Amarin Know-How shall not include (a) the Amarin Patents or (b) the (i) Amarin Manufacturing Patents or (ii) Amarin Manufacturing Know-How.