Aluminum container definition

Aluminum container means all aluminum beverage cans.
Aluminum container means all aluminum food or beverage cans.
Aluminum container means a container made of aluminum.

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Figure 5.3a Aluminum container with one sample inside resting on the bottom of the container.Figure 5.3b Aluminum container in a “sealed state” with clams and aluminum-tape.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission -- a 2005 class action lawsuit filed on behalf of AC Transit’s minority bus riders.

The following definitions shall apply to this Ordinance, unless the context dictates otherwise: Aluminum container: All aluminum beverage cans.Bi-metal container.

Number labels: (1) Pure N2 tank; (2) N2 flow regulator; (3) Impinger bottle and cap with inlet (left side) and outlet (right side) ports (750 mL); (4) Glass tubing with a bubbler tip to evenly distribute the diluent gas; (5) Aluminum container; (6) Water heated to 25 °C; (7) Heater; (8) Temperature sensor; (9) Temperature regulator; (10) Permeation tube device for BTEX; (11) Empty 10 L Tedlar bag; (12) Tedlar bag containing BTEX; (13) Sorbent tube; and (14) Sibata vacuum pump.

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Aluminum container means an aluminum container for food or beverages.
Aluminum container means any container constructed of aluminum.
Aluminum container means a container for food and beverages that is made of aluminum.

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