Definition of Alumina Supply Agreement

Alumina Supply Agreement means, individually or collectively, the Alumina Supply Agreements substantially in the forms attached as Exhibit A.

Examples of Alumina Supply Agreement in a sentence

Buyer shall have executed and delivered the Alumina Supply Agreement.
Buyer and Sellers shall execute and deliver the Alumina Supply Agreement.
Seller is not in breach of, and has no knowledge that any other party thereto is in material breach of, the Owners Agreement, the Alumina Supply Agreement or any other material agreement to which it is a party or pursuant to which any of the Purchased Assets are bound.
Alumina Supply Agreement, dated as of January 1, 2001, between Glencore Ltd.
Alumina Supply Agreement dated June 26, 1996 between Glencore AG and Berkeley Aluminum, Inc., as assignee of Glencore Primary Aluminum Company LLC 4.