ALEXANDER definition

ALEXANDER means STEPHEN ALEXANDER and his agents, attorneys, employees, heirs, devisees, insurers, legatees, legal representatives and assigns.
ALEXANDER mean The Alexander Corporation Limited;
ALEXANDER. S KINGS PLAZA, LLC, ALEXANDER'S OF KINGS, LLC AND KINGS PARKING, LLC (collectively, Borrower), and MORXXX XXARANTY TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK (Lender) 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page ---- 1. DEFINITIONS................................................................ 2

Examples of ALEXANDER in a sentence

  • Mr. ALEXANDER submitted an amendment intended to be proposed by him to the bill S.

  • BABAKOV 1: ALEXANDER 2: MIKHAILOVICH 3: n/a 4: n/a 5: n/a.DOB: 08/02/1963.

  • NOSATOV 1: ALEXANDER 2: MIHAILOVICH 3: n/a 4: n/a 5: n/a.DOB: 27/03/1963.

  • KHRYAKOV 1: ALEXANDER 2: n/a 3: n/a 4: n/a 5: n/a.DOB: 06/11/1958.

  • TKACHYOV 1: ALEXANDER 2: NIKOLAYEVICH 3: n/a 4: n/a 5: n/a.DOB: 23/12/1960.

  • No charge shall be made to the student beyond the actual cost of the photocopying.Agreed March 19, 1976.Ad Hoc Committee on Copyright Law Revision:By SHELDON ELLIOTT STEINBACH.Author-Publisher Group:Authors League of America:By IRWIN KARP, Counsel.Association of American Publishers, Inc.:By ALEXANDER C.

  • E-Copy – Original Signature on File with the Police Commission ALEXANDER A.

  • ALEXANDER, in his official capacity as President of the Senate; LUKE A.

  • KHODAKOVSKY 1: ALEXANDER 2: n/a 3: n/a 4: n/a 5: n/a.DOB: 18/12/1972.

  • ZAKHARCHENKO 1: ALEXANDER 2: VLADIMIROVICH 3: n/a 4: n/a 5: n/a.DOB: 26/06/1976.

More Definitions of ALEXANDER

ALEXANDER means the Alexander First Nation
ALEXANDER means The Alexander Corporation Limited (a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 2204495);
ALEXANDER. ALEXANDER SERVICES INC. Reconciliation and tie between certain Sections of this Indenture, dated as of _______, 1996, and Sections 310 through 318, inclusive, of the Trust Indenture Act of 1939: Trust Indenture Act Section Indenture Section ----------------------------------------------------------

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