Agreement Acceptance definition

Agreement Acceptance. The exhibitor acknowledges that a duly authorized representative of the exhibiting company has read, understands and accepts the terms and conditions of the agreement and guidelines. Signature: Disclaimer Date: The resort is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged, or misdirected equipment, personal items, or business related property brought onto the premises by an Exhibitor, Guest, Group Contractor, etc. This includes items that are in Resort facilities outside of event hours. This Form along with the Completed Exhibitor Order Form must be received a minimum of 3 Weeks prior to your arrival. Please email to, for any questions please call 000-000-0000.
Agreement Acceptance means acceptance of this Agreement by the Subcontractor in writing no later than five (5) business days after the date of the Purchase Order either by (i) signing and returning the acknowledgement copy of the Purchase Order or (ii) where the Parties have agreed in writing, by e-mail, or such other means as agreed. If the Subcontractor fails to confirm acceptance in writing the Subcontractor shall be deemed to have accepted the Agreement automatically as soon as it commences to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement.
Agreement Acceptance means that the authorised signature of the Client is accepting the Contractors Scope of Work and Standard Terms and Conditions of the Agreement AUD refers to the Australian Dollar Client refers to the entity addressed to in the Contract Documents. Contract Documents mean the Scope of Works, Dojo Standard Terms and Conditions and the Agreement Acceptance. Contractor refers to Dojo Solutions PTY LTD authorised personnel. Equipment refers to IT devices such as computer, tablet, as well as infrastructure such as modems, routers, network switches, Wi-Fi access points and peripherals such as projectors, displays, keyboards, mice and the like or other associated equipment. Fees are listed excluding GST.

Examples of Agreement Acceptance in a sentence

  • Agreement Acceptance, Eligibility, and Payment: This Agreement becomes binding and effective when it has been either manually signed by Exhibitor (if submitted in paper form) or submitted electronically by Exhibitor after checking the “I agree” box on the electronic application form, and, in either event, acknowledged and accepted by Emerald in writing by delivering Exhibitor a booth space assignment confirmation.

  • You confirm by signing the Athlete Agreement Acceptance Form, that the information you stated in the Athlete Application remains true and correct and that no matter has arisen that may or does affect the declarations made by you in that document.

  • Agreement shall enter into force as a result of the confirmation of unconditional consent of the Client with terms of the Agreement (Acceptance).

  • Athlete Agreement Acceptance Form means the form attached to this Agreement as Schedule B.

  • If the Resident is under 18 years of age at the time of submitting the online campus housing application, then the Resident must have their parent or legal guardian sign and complete the Parent Portal electronic agreement or Agreement Acceptance Form and thereby guarantee full and prompt payment to the University of all sums payable by the Resident under the Agreement.

  • Agreement Acceptance of this Purchase Order (PO) by the Supplier shall effect a contract between IOM and the Supplier (each, a “Party” and jointly, the “Parties”).

  • Applications will be monitored throughout the term of the project delivery and must agree to the conditions of the Monitoring arrangements upon signing the Grant Agreement Acceptance Forms.

  • If the applicants have any questions or concerns, they are encouraged to make contact with the Recruitment Team to clarify before accepting their offer to study.To formally accept their offered place, applicants are required complete, sign and return the Agreement Acceptance Declaration at Section D of the Letter of Offer.

  • You confirm by signing the Support Staff Agreement Acceptance Form, that the information you stated in the Support Staff Application remains true and correct and that no matter has arisen that may or does affect the declarations made by you in that document.

  • If the applicants have any questions or concerns, they are encouraged to make contact with the Admissions Team to clarify before accepting their offer to study.To formally accept their offered place, applicants are required complete, sign and return the Agreement Acceptance Declaration at Section D of the Letter of Offer.

Related to Agreement Acceptance

  • Letter of Acceptance means the letter of formal acceptance, signed by the contractor. Procuring Entity, including any annexed memoranda comprising agreements between and signed by both Parties.

  • Letter of Acceptance (LOA) means the written notice issued by JMRC to the selected bidder(s) intimating the acceptance of selected bidder's Proposal for the award of Lease;

  • Confirmation of Acceptance shall have the meaning specified in paragraph 2B(5).

  • Assignment and Acceptance Agreement means an assignment and acceptance agreement entered into by a Lender, an Eligible Assignee and the Administrative Agent, and, if required, the Borrower, pursuant to which such Eligible Assignee may become a party to this Agreement, in substantially the form of Exhibit C hereto.

  • Final completion and acceptance means the stage in the progress of the work as determined by the Contracting Officer and confirmed in writing to the Contractor, at which all work required under the contract has been completed in a satisfactory manner, subject to the discovery of defects after final completion, and except for items specifically excluded in the notice of final acceptance.

  • Acceptance Letter means the letter from Adviser to BD pursuant to which the Adviser appoints BD as a Broker Dealer for each series of MuniPreferred issued by any Fund that has executed a Request Letter.

  • Letter of Acceptance of Tender means letter giving intimation to the tenderer that his tender has been accepted in accordance with the provisions contained in that letter.

  • Certificate of Acceptance means written certification, delivered to Contractor and signed by an authorized representative of the State, stating that any Defects in a particular Phase or the Solution discovered after implementation and testing have been corrected as required under this Contract, and that the Phase complies in all material respects with all of the applicable Requirements.

  • XXXX Acceptance Form means the “Acceptance Form for End User License Agreement (for SAP On Premise indirect sales)” which will be provided by SAP on a deal by deal basis.

  • Operational Acceptance means the acceptance by the Procuring Entity of the Facilities (or any part of the Facilities where the Contract provides for acceptance of the Facilities in parts), which certifies the Contractor's fulfillment of the Contract in respect of Functional Guarantees of the Facilities (or the relevant part thereof) in accordance with the provisions of GCC Clause 28 (Functional Guarantees) hereof and shall include deemed acceptance in accordance with GCC Clause 25 (Commissioning and Operational Acceptance) hereof.

  • Notice of Acceptance means the written notification and any accompanying documentation sent to the Consultant by the Principal advising acceptance of its Tender to provide the Services under the Contract.

  • Interconnection Agreement means the interconnection agreement entered into by Seller pursuant to which the Facility will be interconnected with the Transmission System, and pursuant to which Seller’s Interconnection Facilities and any other Interconnection Facilities will be constructed, operated and maintained during the Contract Term.

  • Conditional Acceptance means a conditional acceptance by the Liquidity Provider of an extension of the Scheduled Termination Date.

  • Generation Interconnection Agreement means the generation interconnection agreement to be entered into separately between Seller and PGE, providing for the construction, operation, and maintenance of interconnection facilities required to accommodate deliveries of Seller's Net Output.

  • Contract Amendment means a written document signed by the Procurement Officer that is issued for the purpose of making changes in the Contract.

  • Date of Acceptance means the date, which appears on the Notice of Acceptance and if no date appears is the date on which the Principal sent the Notice of Acceptance accepting the Contractor’s Tender.

  • IITK Purchase Order means the IITK’s official Purchase Order document;

  • Payment Agreement means a written agreement which provides

  • Replacement Agreement means an agreement entered into as a replacement for any Relevant Agreement;

  • Participation Agreement means a written agreement entered into between a Participant and the Employer pursuant to the provisions of Section 4.1

  • Replacement Management Agreement means, collectively, (a) either (i) a management agreement with a Qualified Manager substantially in the same form and substance as the Management Agreement, or (ii) a management agreement with a Qualified Manager, which management agreement shall be reasonably acceptable to Lender in form and substance, provided, with respect to this subclause (ii), Lender, at its option, may require that Borrower shall have obtained prior written confirmation from the applicable Rating Agencies that such management agreement will not cause a downgrade, withdrawal or qualification of the then current rating of the Securities or any class thereof and (b) an assignment of management agreement and subordination of management fees substantially in the form then used by Lender (or of such other form and substance reasonably acceptable to Lender), executed and delivered to Lender by Borrower and such Qualified Manager at Borrower’s expense.

  • Permitted Loan Purchase Assignment and Acceptance means an assignment and acceptance entered into by a Lender as an Assignor and Holdings, the Borrower or any of the Subsidiaries as an Assignee, as accepted by the Administrative Agent (if required by Section 9.04) in the form of Exhibit F or such other form as shall be approved by the Administrative Agent and the Borrower (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed).

  • Interconnection Service Agreement means an agreement among the Transmission Provider, an Interconnection Customer and an Interconnected Transmission Owner regarding interconnection under Tariff, Part IV and Tariff, Part VI.

  • Extension Agreement shall have the meaning provided in Section 2.15(c).

  • Commitment and Acceptance is defined in Section 2.18(b).

  • Framework Agreement means the Clauses of this Framework Agreement together with the Framework Schedules and annexes to it;