Adulterate definition

Adulterate means to cause a drug to be adulterated as described in section 3715.63 of the Revised Code.
Adulterate means to add material to a urine sample to try to change the results of the test.
Adulterate means to change a pesticide so that:

Examples of Adulterate in a sentence

Adulterate a urine or other bodily fluid sample with the intent to defraud a drug or alcohol screening test.

Adulterate, misbrand, remove, or substitute a drug or device knowing or intending that the drug or device shall be used.

If the tree and trunk do both exist and coincide spatio-temporally, the tree does have a part the trunk lacks, namely a substantial form (the classical version of Koslicki’s ‘formal part’).

Va. Code § 60-6-1 et seq.).(3) Adulterate any alcoholic liquor by the addition of any drug; methyl alcohol; crude, unrectified or impure form of ethyl alcohol; or other foreign or deleterious substance or liquor.

The emphasized language is unequivocal that there are no tax consequences when an ISO is granted or exercised.

More Definitions of Adulterate

Adulterate means to make impure in order to give a false impression or value or to hide defects, by the addition of a foreign, inferior or inert substance to food, or by the exclusion or removal of a valuable or necessary ingredient of food;
Adulterate a device means to use a device in violation of § 431.111 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, including but not limited to, using a colon irrigation system for a use not approved by FDA or using a colon irrigation system for general well being.
Adulterate means to cause a drug to be adulterated as described in section 3715.63 of
Adulterate means a change in the pesticide whereby:
Adulterate means to add any substance or ingredient to a food in order to give it a false or misleading value or to hide defects; to remove any substance or ingredient that results in diminution of a food's nutritive or other desirable properties; or to subject food to any process or treatment that injuriously affects its nature, quality, nutritional value, or other properties.
Adulterate means a to change in the a pesticide whereby so that:
Adulterate means to falsify, deteriorate or increase the apparent bulk or weight or conceal the inferior quality of produce by the combination, admixture or addition therewith or thereto of some foreign, superfluous or inferior substances, matter or thing whether deleterious or not, or by the use of artificial means and includes abstraction from produce, part of it so as to injuriously affect its nature, substance or quality, or soaking or manipulating it so as to increase its bulk or weight. 6