Adjustment Release Amount definition

Adjustment Release Amount means the absolute value of the Adjustment Amount less any Company Transaction Expenses that arise in connection with the payment of the Adjustment Amount to the Equityholders.
Adjustment Release Amount means (i) the Adjustment Cash Equivalent Amount minus (ii) the Final Underage (if any); provided that if this calculation results in a negative number, the Adjustment Release Amount will be deemed to be $0.
Adjustment Release Amount means, such amount, if any, to be paid to the Paying Agent for the benefit of the Company Shareholders pursuant to Section 2.12(e), whether paid directly by Parent or from the Escrow FundPrice Adjustment or other amounts in the Escrow Fund, or any combination thereof, all pursuant to the provisions of that section.

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Adjustment Release Amount has the meaning specified in Section 3.8(b).

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Release Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.04(c).
Adjustment Amount For any Distribution Date, the difference between (A) the sum of the Class A Principal Balance and the Class B Principal Balance as of the related Determination Date and (B) the sum of (i) the sum of the Class A Principal Balance and the Class B Principal Balance as of the Determination Date succeeding such Distribution Date and (ii) the aggregate amount that would have been distributed to all Classes as principal in accordance with Section 4.01(a) for such Distribution Date without regard to the provisos in the definitions of Class B-1 Optimal Principal Amount, Class B-2 Optimal Principal Amount, Class B-3 Optimal Principal Amount, Class B-4 Optimal Principal Amount, Class B-5 Optimal Principal Amount and Class B-6 Optimal Principal Amount.
CPI Adjustment means the quotient of (i) the CPI for the month of January in the calendar year for which the CPI Adjustment is being determined, divided by (ii) the CPI for January of 2007.