Definition of ACSM Calculation Agency Agreement

ACSM Calculation Agency Agreement means any agreement entered into by the Issuer, the Guarantors, the Trustee and the ACSM Calculation Agent in respect of the appointment of the ACSM Calculation Agent to perform the functions expressed to be performed by the ACSM Calculation Agent under these Conditions;

Examples of ACSM Calculation Agency Agreement in a sentence

Nothing in this Condition shall affect the rights of any ECN Holder to enforce its rights under the Deed Poll, subject to and as provided in the Deed Poll.(a) Meetings of ECN Holders The Trust Deed contains provisions for convening meetings of ECN Holders to consider any matter affecting their interests, including the sanctioning by Extraordinary Resolution of a modification of any of these Conditions or any provisions of the Trust Deed, the Deed Poll or the ACSM Calculation Agency Agreement (if any).
Thereupon, subject to Conditions 8(b), 8(d), 8(e) and 11(i) of the Undated ECNs, and pursuant to the ACSM Calculation Agency Agreement, any proceeds from the sale of the Payment LBG Shares by the ACSM Calculation Agent pursuant to Condition 8 of the Undated ECNs, will be paid to the Issuing, Paying and Conversion Agent for application in accordance with Condition 8(c) of the Undated ECNs.
If necessary, the ACSM Calculation Agent shall further be required to agree in the ACSM Calculation Agency Agreement to convert the net proceeds of such sale into the Specified Currency at prevailing market exchange rates.