Definition of Acquired Savannah Equipment

Acquired Savannah Equipment means all of the Asset Sellers’ right, title and interest in, to and under all of the Asset Sellers’ installed and spare chlorinators, oxidizers and TiCl4 condensation equipment and any directly connected equipment in which proprietary Intellectual Property is held or which U.S. Buyer reasonably considers following its access visit referred to in Section 6(n)(ii) may comprise valuable Intellectual Property, in each case, located at the U.S. Sellers’ Savannah, Georgia site.

Examples of Acquired Savannah Equipment in a sentence

After the entry of the Sale Order and prior to the Closing, Sellers shall allow U.S. Buyer reasonable access to the U.S. Sellers’ Savannah, Georgia site to enable U.S. Buyer to verify the Acquired Savannah Equipment which will be delivered to it pursuant to this Section 6(n)(ii).
As soon as reasonably practicable after the Closing and at such time that Sellers reasonably deem it to be safe to take such actions, Sellers shall engage a third party reasonably acceptable to Sellers and U.S. Buyer to disassemble, package, prepare for shipment and ship the Acquired Savannah Equipment to a location designated by U.S. Buyer, in each case, at Buyers’ sole cost, risk and expense.