Definition of Acquired Companies’ Business

Acquired Companies’ Business means, collectively, the ownership and operation of the Gathering Systems.

Examples of Acquired Companies’ Business in a sentence

All major items of equipment of the Acquired Companies are in good and sufficient operating condition and in a state of reasonable maintenance and repair for the continued conduct of the Acquired Companies’ Business on a basis consistent with past practice, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and are free from any known defects or Liens (other than Permitted Liens).
To the Knowledge of the Sellers, the use and operation of the Leased Real Property in the conduct of the Acquired Companies’ Business does not violate in any material respect any Requirement of Law, covenant, restriction, easement, license, permit or Contract.
The Parties acknowledge that the Acquired Companies’ Business is unique and recognize and affirm that in the event of a breach of this Agreement by any Party, money damages may be inadequate and the other Party may have no adequate remedy at law.
The Listed Intellectual Property, together with all of the Intellectual Property owned by any Acquired Company or that the Acquired Companies license or otherwise have acquired the right to use and which is individually material to the conduct of the Acquired Companies’ Business as presently conducted, is referred to collectively herein as the “Company Intellectual Property.” Schedule 3.14(a) specifies, as applicable, any application or registration number for the Listed Intellectual Property.
The Insurance Policies are valid, legal and binding, and in full force and effect and are in amounts and of a nature that the Acquired Companies reasonably believe are adequate for the Acquired Companies’ Business, and the Acquired Companies have maintained during the previous ten (10) years with no gaps in such coverage, Insurance Policies with good and reputable insurers and with coverage believed adequate for the Acquired Companies’ Business as conducted by it during such period.