Definition of Accredited Certificate Provider

Accredited Certificate Provider means a person accredited to create Energy Savings Certificates under clause 5 of this Rule.

Examples of Accredited Certificate Provider in a sentence

The Accredited Certificate Provider must use utility meters or other metering equipment acceptable to the Scheme Administrator.
Project Impact Assessment Method Note: The Project Impact Assessment Method determines the number of Energy Savings Certificates an Accredited Certificate Provider is entitled to create on the basis of an engineering assessment of only the equipment, process, or system that is the subject of Energy Savings.
Step (2) Step (2A) Determine Energy Savings by completing steps (2A) to (2G), and for each time period Ta by reference to which the Accredited Certificate Provider seeks to create Energy Savings Certificates by repeating Steps (2E) to (3) for each such period.
When businesses invest in reducing their energy use, the voluntary scheme participants, who are, or work with an Accredited Certificate Provider, create energy savings certificates.
Council is seeking confirmation that Ausgrid is committed to continued cooperation with Council and its appointed Accredited Certificate Provider for Energy Saving Scheme certificate creation as the certificate value is an important financial aspect of this project.