Definition of Account Exceptions

Account Exceptions means: (a) ResCap shall be entitled to hold in the Exempt Cash Reserve Account, free of any Liens or control rights in favor of either the First Priority Collateral Agent or the Collateral Control Agent, up to $250,000,000 and investment earnings on such amount; and (b) the Obligors may make such other exceptions to Sections 4.01 and 4.03 as the Lender Agent shall agree in writing.

Examples of Account Exceptions in a sentence

Prior to the Account Transfer Date, but subject to Account Exceptions, ResCap and its Subsidiaries shall continue to administer their cash collection system as it was administered immediately prior to the Closing Date.
Commentary: .01 Large Orders and Institutional Account Exceptions.
The Manning Rule sets forth certain exceptions to this requirement, including the Large Orders and Institutional Account Exceptions (Supplementary Material .01 to Rule 5320) and the No-Knowledge Exception (Supplementary Material .02 to Rule 5320).