Definition of Acceptable Refinancing

Acceptable Refinancing means the retirement in full of the applicable Subject Existing Indebtedness, including the entire outstanding principal amount thereof and interest, fees, premiums, and other applicable amounts due with respect thereto pursuant to a refinancing with unsecured Indebtedness, the incurrence of which is permitted under Section 7.02(h).

Acceptable Refinancing means any refinancing of one or more of the Projects that is consummated as a bona fide, arms length transaction with a Person that is not an Affiliate of Borrower.

Examples of Acceptable Refinancing in a sentence

Section 4.16A of the Indenture, as amended by Section 3.20 of this Fifth Supplemental Indenture, requires the Company, in the event the Company desires to refinance the Senior Facility Obligations in a manner other than an Acceptable Refinancing, to notify the Noteholders, by delivery of a Refinancing Notice to the Trustee and provide the Noteholders with a Right of First Refusal.
The Borrower hereby covenants, upon the closing of an Acceptable Refinancing Commitment, to remit to KeyBank and KEF amounts necessary to pay in full the Loan Agreement Obligations and the Lease Obligations as set forth in detail in the Payoff Letters.
For the avoidance of doubt, this Section 6.18 shall not apply to any Acceptable Refinancing Debt.