Definition of Acceptable Operator

Acceptable Operator means an entity that is, or is directly or indirectly controlled by an entity that is, experienced in the ownership or operation of commercial wind farm projects and which has (or is directly or indirectly controlled by an entity which has) a Credit Rating of “A-” or better by Standard & Poor’s and “A3” or better by Moody’s.

Examples of Acceptable Operator in a sentence

Acceptable Operator Difference Requirements (ODR) tables for operators conducting mixed fleet operations, using particular combinations of CN-235-variants and C-295 aircraft are shown in Appendix 2.
There is no provision for setting Acceptable Operator Exposure Levels (AOELs) for VMPs under EU legislation.
Master Common Requirements (MCR's): NIA Master Differences Requirements O R ' S ) : Acceptable Operator Difference requirements table: FSB Specillcations for Training: The Model 210 is a UH-1H aircraft modified to a configuration similar to that of the Bell Model 205B type certified under Type Certificate No. HlSW.
Certified Class A and Class B Operators must be re-trained in accordance with §334.602 and §334.603 of this title (relating to Designation and Training of Classes of Operators; and Acceptable Operator Training and Certification Processes, respectively) within three years of their last training date.