Definition of Absent Without Leave (AWOL)

Absent Without Leave (AWOL) means a child who has been placed by an authorized agency in foster care in a certified foster boarding home, an approved relative foster home, or a licensed foster care facility, and who is absent without the consent of the person(s) or facility in whose care the child has been placed or the consent of the case planner/caseworker at the facility in whose care the child has been placed.

Examples of Absent Without Leave (AWOL) in a sentence

Failure to do so may result in the denial of the leave request, or placement of the Employee in an Absent Without Leave (AWOL) status which might also result in disciplinary action.
Employees not meeting the listed time constraints in returning to work once their tour of duty has ended will be considered to be Absent Without Leave (AWOL).
When the Employer determines that it will charge an employee Absent Without Leave (AWOL), it will notify the employee of the AWOL charge in writing as soon as possible, but no later than the end of the pay period or within two (2) workdays of the AWOL charge if the AWOL charge occurs during the last two (2) days of the pay period.
If the employee fails to do this, the Supervisor may choose not to request leave without pay and place the employee on Absent Without Leave (AWOL) status.
Employees who fail to follow leave requesting procedures as required above, may be charged Absent Without Leave (AWOL).