Definition of Abraxas Operating

Abraxas Operating means Abraxas Operating, LLC, a Texas limited liability company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Energy.

Examples of Abraxas Operating in a sentence

Energy shall not, and shall not permit Abraxas Operating to, agree or formally commit to do any of the foregoing; provided, however, that for purposes of this Section 6.1, Energy’s obligations with respect to any Subsidiaries that are not wholly owned shall be subject to, and limited by, the contractual and fiduciary duties and obligations of Energy or Abraxas Operating with respect to such non-wholly owned Subsidiaries.
Other than with respect to Abraxas Operating, Energy does not directly or indirectly own any equity interest in, or any interest convertible into or exchangeable or exercisable for, any equity interest in, any corporation, partnership, joint venture or other business entity, other than equity interests held for investment that are not, in the aggregate, material to Energy.
For purposes of this Section 6.2, “Abraxas Subsidiaries” means the Subsidiaries of Abraxas other than Energy, Abraxas Operating, the GP or Investments.
There are no outstanding contractual obligations of Energy or Abraxas Operating to repurchase, redeem or otherwise acquire any equity interests of Energy or Abraxas Operating.
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