ABNJ DISCLOSURE SCHEDULE means a written disclosure schedule delivered by ABNJ to Investors specifically referring to the appropriate section of this Agreement.

Examples of ABNJ DISCLOSURE SCHEDULE in a sentence

Except as set forth in ABNJ DISCLOSURE SCHEDULE 4.13.4, all material contributions required to be made under the terms of any ABNJ Compensation and Benefit Plan or ERISA Affiliate Plan or any employee benefit arrangements to which ABNJ or any ABNJ Subsidiary is a party or a sponsor have been timely made, and all anticipated contributions and funding obligations are accrued on ABNJ’s consolidated financial statements to the extent required by GAAP.
ABNJ DISCLOSURE SCHEDULE 4.13.12(b) also sets forth any changes to any ABNJ Compensation and Benefit Plan since December 31, 2007.
ABNJ DISCLOSURE SCHEDULE 4.10.3(b) identifies all material policies of insurance maintained by ABNJ and each ABNJ Subsidiary as well as the other matters required to be disclosed under this Section.
Except as listed on ABNJ DISCLOSURE SCHEDULE 4.9.3(a), no party to any material contract, arrangement or instrument will have the right to terminate any or all of the provisions of any such contract, arrangement or instrument as a result of the execution of, and the consummation of the transactions contemplated by, this Agreement.
Except as set forth in ABNJ DISCLOSURE SCHEDULE 4.7(b), as of the date of this Agreement, ABNJ has received no written notice of, and to ABNJ’s Knowledge there is no audit examination, deficiency assessment, tax investigation or refund litigation with respect to any taxes of ABNJ or any of its Subsidiaries, and no claim has been made by any authority in a jurisdiction where ABNJ or any of its Subsidiaries do not file tax returns that ABNJ or any such Subsidiary is subject to taxation in that jurisdiction.