Definition of ABL Enforcement Date

ABL Enforcement Date means the date which is 180 days after the occurrence of (i) an Event of Default (under and as defined in the ABL Credit Agreement) and (ii) each Shared Collateral Agent's receipt of an Enforcement Notice from the ABL Agent, provided that the ABL Enforcement Date shall be stayed and shall not occur (or be deemed to have occurred) (A) at any time any Shared Collateral Agent or the Shared Collateral Secured Parties have commenced and are diligently pursuing enforcement action against the Canadian Pledge Collateral, (B) at any time that any Loan Party is then a debtor under or with respect to (or otherwise subject to) any Insolvency Proceeding, or (C) if the Event of Default under the ABL Credit Agreement is waived in accordance with the terms of the ABL Credit Agreement.
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