AAI Services definition

AAI Services means such services/ activities as performed by AAI pursuant to CNS/ATM Agreement.‌
AAI Services means the AAI Pre-Commissioning Services, the AAI Commissioning Services and the AAI Operative Services;
AAI Services means the services listed on Schedule 2 attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference that will be provided (i) at AAI Centers by Qualified Sephora Cast Members and/or (ii) at Adjacent AAI Facilities. All AAI Services incorporate the AAI Methods, involve the sale of the Products, and utilize the AAI Equipment. If necessary to obtain a lease, permits or otherwise comply with Applicable Law at an AAI Center, Sephora Host Store, or Adjacent AAI Facility, Sephora and AAI may agree to limit the types of AAI Services offered at any particular AAI Center or Adjacent AAI Facility.

Examples of AAI Services in a sentence

The JVC shall at all times maintain and upgrade the JVC equipment in the provision of AAI Services in accordance with ICAO Annexes and Documents.

Thus each Party represents and warrants that it will use the AAI Services in accordance with the Service Provider Agreements and rules of the Identity Federations.

The functioning of the Service Provider Federation presupposes reliable AAI Services.

The technical and administrative persons shall supervise the performance of the AAI Services and the co-operation between the Parties and the Identity Federations, and act as principal contact persons towards the Identity Federations.

Each Party shall co-operate with the technical and administrative persons of the Service Provider Federation, described in Clause 6.2, and perform all reasonable obligations required by such persons to enable the proper functioning of the AAI Services.