Definition of a brine pond. (y) “Permittee

a brine pond. (y) “Permittee means the owner and the opera- tor issued a permit, as defined in this regulation, by the secretary. (z) “Person” means any individual, company, corporation, institution, association, partnership, municipality, township, and local, state, or fed- eral agency. (aa) “Plugged well” means a storage well that has been plugged or placed into plugging-monitoring status pursuant to K.A.R. 28-45b-18. (bb) “Plugging-monitoring status” means the sta- tus of a storage well that will not be returned to active status but will be filled with brine to monitor cavern stabilization in lieu of plugging. (cc) “Porosity storage” means the storage of hy- drocarbon gas in underground porous and perme- able strata that have been converted to hydrocarbon gas storage. (dd) “Pressure gradient” means the ratio of pres- sure per unit depth, expressed as pounds per square inch per foot of depth. (ee) “Product” means crude oil. (ff) “Saturated brine” means saline water with a sodium chloride concentration that is equal to or greater than 90 percent.