Definition of A Block Trustee

A Block Trustee means The Huntington National Bank, as trustee under the A Block Indenture.

Examples of A Block Trustee in a sentence

Upon receipt and deposit of Assigned Payments to each subaccount, the Disbursing Agent shall promptly, not to exceed one (1) Business Day following their receipt, transfer and disburse the amounts within those subaccounts to the A Block Trustee.
The Bridge Park NCA hereby assigns, grants, transfers, and sets over without limitation all of its rights with respect to the Bed Tax Grant Payments to the A Block Trustee, on behalf of the Holders of the A Block Project Debt until the A Block Project Debt shall be fully repaid or defeased.
The subaccounts for the A Block Project Debt within the Debt Service Account shall be maintained and held in the sole custody of the Disbursing Agent for the benefit of and subject to a lien in favor of the A Block Trustee.