Definition of 90 Day T&T T-Bill

90 Day T&T T-Bill means, with respect to any Interest Period and any Borrowing, an interest rate per annum equal to the “Average Discount Rate” for 90 day T-Bills as quoted in “Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Discount Rates” report quoted by the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago to all Trinidad & Tobago commercial banks on the latest reporting date preceding the first day of such Interest Period.

Examples of 90 Day T&T T-Bill in a sentence

Except as provided in Section 2.07(b), the Advances shall bear interest on the unpaid principal amount thereof from and including the date of such Advance to and excluding the date such principal amount shall be paid in full, at a rate per annum equal to the 90 Day T&T T-Bill for each day during each Interest Period applicable thereto plus the Applicable Margin.