Definition of 75% Compensation

75% Compensation Means the sum of:

Examples of 75% Compensation in a sentence

Section 7.5. Compensation ofTrustee The City shall from time to time, pursuant to a fee schedule agreed to between the City and the Trustee (which schedule may be amended in writing), pay to the Trustee reasonable compensation for its services, including but not limited to advances to, and reasonable fees and expenses of, independent appraisers, accountants, consultants, counsel, agents and attorneys-at-law or other experts employed by it in the exercise and performance of its powers and duties hereunder.
Such state average weekly wage shall automatically form the basis for establishing maximum benefits under the "Workers' 75 Compensation Act of Colorado" as of 12:01 a.m., July 1, 1974, and at each succeeding time and date annually thereafter.
The pro-rated amount that will be included in the Buy Down payment for the period spent on disability or Workers’ IUE-CWA MOU_Final_080507 Page 6 of 75 Compensation leave will have the same percentage relationship to the full Buy Down amount as the employee’s applicable Sickness & Accident or Extended Disability Benefit schedule of benefits has to their base hourly rate for the applicable periods of leave.
Full time faculty will forego their right to designate the high school courses taught by high school faculty as their overload preference.(Article: 7.5) Compensation for each faculty liaison shall be: one third (113) of the lecture andlor lab contact hours associated with each course section taught at each high school that helshe is liaison to.
Exemption and modification power 10.83 Section 893A will empower the making of regulations that would exempt a person or market from all or specified provisions in Part 7.5 (Compensation arrangements) or provide that the Part applies as if specified provisions were omitted or modified.