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664 Note means a promissory note with a principal amount of $663,766,435 (as may be adjusted) issued by EnerMark (as successor by amalgamation to FET Energy Ltd.) to EELP.

664 Note means a promissory note with a principal amount of $663,766,435 (as may be adjusted) issued by EnerMark (as successor by amalgamation to FET Energy Ltd.) to EELP. 1.2The division of this Plan of Arrangement into articles and sections and the insertion of headings are for convenience of reference only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Plan of Arrangement. 1.3Unless reference is specifically made to some other document or instrument, all references herein to articles and sections are to articles and sections of this Plan of Arrangement. 1.4Unless the context otherwise requires, words importing the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa; words importing any gender shall include all genders; and words importing persons shall include any individual, firm, partnership, joint venture, venture capital fund, association, trust, trustee, executor, administrator, legal personal representative, estate group, body corporate, corporation, unincorporated association or organization, government, regulatory authority, syndicate or other entity, whether or not having legal status. 1.5References in this Plan of Arrangement to any statute or sections thereof shall include such statute as amended or substituted and any regulations promulgated thereunder from time to time in effect. 1.6If, for the purposes of Section 4.2 hereof, any date on which any action is required to be taken hereunder by any of the parties is not a Business Day (as defined below) in the place where the action is required to be taken, such action is required to be taken on the next succeeding day which is a Business Day in such place (and for the purposes hereof the definition of "Business Day" shall refer to a day, other than a Saturday or Sunday, when the banks in such place are generally open for business). 1.7Unless otherwise stated, all references in this Plan of Arrangement to sums of money are expressed in lawful money of Canada. ARTICLE 2 PURPOSE AND EFFECT OF THE ARRANGEMENT AND ARRANGEMENT AGREEMENT 2.1The following is intended to be a general statement of the purpose of the Arrangement and is qualified in its entirety by the specific provisions of the Arrangement: The purpose of the Arrangement is to effect a reorganization and restructuring of the Fund in a manner that provides consistent and equitable treatment among the Unitholders and maintains the business and goodwill of the Fund as a publicly listed going concern through the continuing entity, Newco Amalco. The reorganization will, among other things, result in the Unitholders becoming holders of Common Shares. 2.2The Plan of Arrangement is made pursuant to the Arrangement Agreement. 2.3This Plan of Arrangement, upon the filing of the Articles of Arrangement and the issuance of the Certificate, if any, shall become effective on, and be binding on and after, the Effective Time on: (i) the Unitholders; (ii) the Fund; (iii) EELP; (iv) EnerMark; (v) Newco; and (vi) all other Arrangement Parties. 2.4The Articles of Arrangement and Certificate shall be filed and issued, respectively, with respect to this Arrangement in its entirety. The Certificate shall be conclusive evidence that the Arrangement has become effective and that each of the provisions of Article 3 has become effective in the sequence and at the times set out therein. If no Certificate is required to be issued by the Registrar pursuant to subsection 193(11) of the ABCA, the A-13Arrangement shall become effective on the date the Articles of Arrangement are filed with the Registrar pursuant to subsection 193(10) of the ABCA. ARTICLE 3 ARRANGEMENT

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Table 33: Foster carer households with a placement during 2011–12 Number of households Households with a placement during 2011–12 11 664 Note Data on Indigenous status of foster carer households are not available for 2011–12.
Table 4: Literacy rates by gender and residence area, selected years Total Urban Rural Women Men Total Women Men Total Women Men Total 1995 75.5 75.2 75.4 86.8 88.7 87.7 59.1 58.9 59.9 2005 79.7 79.3 79.5 88.3 89.7 88.9 66.7 66.2 66.4 Note: Rate for people aged 10 years or older, based on national censuses.