Definition of 607.2.6. “Toll Free Fax Number

607.2.6. “Toll Free Fax Number means 888-88FAXIN.(888-883-2946) or such other or additional number assigned by the Program Administrator and/or such additional or other number assigned by the Program Administrator. This number shall be provided to all Litigants. 607.2.7. “Court Day” means a day on which judicial business may be transacted within the meaning of Article 6 (commencing with Section 133) of Chapter 3 of Title I of Part, I of the Code of Civil Procedure. 607.2.8. “Form” means a form entitled Request for CourtCall Telephonic Appearance which on its face shall contain the caption of the case, the date, time, department and type of hearing, motion or other matter which is to be heard, and the words COURTCALL TELEPHONIC APPEARANCE in bold. print all capital letters. This form will be provided by the Program Administrator on request of a Litigant. [Added effective January 1, 1998; Amended effective January 1,1999] 607.2.9. Calling Procedures. Each participating department shall have a speaker phone which will use the toll-free telephone number described above and an identification number, which shall be used solely for the purpose of conducting hearings by conference call, through the Program Administrator. [Added effective January 1, 1998] 607.3. Telephone Hearing Calendars. The Calendar Clerk shall prepare a separate telephonic appearance calendar for each matter in which a telephonic appearance will be made. Telephonic hearings will be held during the law and motion calendar for each department which commences at 8:30 a.m. and generally ends by 9:45 a.m. each day. The Calendar Clerk shall segregate or distinctively identify each case which will be heard by telephonic hearing. [Added effective January 1,1998] 607.4. Telephonic Appearance and Service of Form. Not less than five (5) court days before the hearing, a Litigant desiring to appear by telephone shall complete the Form and serve copies on all other Litigants. The original shall not be filed with the Court. Additionally, when the request is made at the same time as the filing of a motion or response with the Court, the words “COURTCALL™ TELEPHONE APPEARANCE. REQUESTED” should be printed below the date, department and time of the hearing on the first page of the papers which are filed with the Court. RETAIN THE ORIGINAL FORM IN YOUR FILE. DO NOT FILE IT WITH THE COURT. [Added effective January 1, 1998] 607.5. Notice by Fax to Program Administrator. Any litigant seeking a telephonic appearance must fax a copy of the first page of the Form to the Program Administrator not less than, five (5) court days prior to the hearing. Failure to advise the Program Superior Court of California County of Madera Local Rules of Court