Definition of §C26-16.0. Area.-The term “area §C26-16.0. Area.-The term “area means an open space below the ground level immediately outside of a structure, and enclosed by substantial walls. (1.8). §C26-17.0 Area Of A Structure.- a. The term “area of a structure” shall mean, except in the application of the building zone resolution, the horizontal area within the exterior walls or between fire walls. Premises between fire walls shall be considered as separate structures, if the fire walls comply with article eleven of this title. b. For the purposes of the building zone resolution the term “area of a structure” shall mean the total horizontal area including the exterior walls. (1.9). §C26-18.0 Ashlar Facing.-The term “ashlar facing” shall mean facing composed of solid rectangular units of burnt clay or shale, natural or manufactured stone, larger in size than brick, with sawed, dressed or squared beds, and joined laid in mortar and used in facing masonry walls. (1.10). §C26-19.0 Ashlar Masonry.-The term “ashlar masonry” shall mean masonry of natural or manufactured stone rectangular units larger in size than brick having sawed, dressed or squared beds, and the joints of which are laid in mortar with proper bond. (1.11). §C26-20.0 A. S. T. M.-The term “A. S. T. M.” shall mean The American Society for Testing Materials. (1.12). §C26-21.0 Automatic Doors, Shutters and Windows.-The term “automatic”, as applied to fire doors, fire shutters, fire windows and other opening protectives shall mean doors shutters, windows and other opening protectives which are normally held in an open position and which close automatically upon the action of some heat actuated releasing mechanism. (1.13). §C26-22.0 Basement.-The term “basement” shall mean a story partly underground, but having at least one-half of its height, measured from finished floor to finished ceiling, above the