Definition of 31) “Optional Sector plan

31) “Optional Sector plan means the an optional 441 process authorized by s. 163.3245 in which one or more local 442 governments engage in long-term planning for a large area and by 443 agreement with the state land planning agency are allowed to 444 address regional development-of-regional-impact issues through 445 adoption of detailed specific area plans within the planning 446 area within certain designated geographic areas identified in 447 the local comprehensive plan as a means of fostering innovative 448 Florida Senate - 2011 SENATOR AMENDMENT Bill No. CS/HB 7129, 2nd Eng. Ì195750,Î195750 Page 17 of 338 5/2/2011 10:58:28 AM CA.21.05587 planning and development strategies in s. 163.3177(11)(a) and 449 (b), furthering the purposes of this part and part I of chapter 450 380, reducing overlapping data and analysis requirements, 451