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28) 'Valuation means an estimate of the value of real estate or real property.118

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A B ---- Reprint 9B effective 1 July 2010 Page 37 [s 28] Valuation of Land Act 1944 Part 3 Valuations local commercial land means commercial land situated in a local government area, other than the local government area of the Brisbane City Council, in which any prescribed land is situated.
Net Leverage Corporate FCF Revenues EBITDA Corporate EBITDA Net Income 10-11% 0-4% -5/-3% 125-155% 3.2x 3.9x 1.2x 1,400 M€ 28 Valuation Analysis Valuation analysis Sum of the Parts Method Multiple Corporate Business Metrics ~8.0x Corporate EV Corp.
The differences are reconciled as follows (in thousands): Taxes at statutory rate of 28% Valuation allowance on deferred tax asset (1,120 ) Income tax expense The Company is a member of the Norwegian shipping tax regime, which enables the indefinite deferral of the payment of income taxes as long as certain criteria are met.
BOOKS, RECORDS AND ACCOUNTING 2.1. Books and Records 2.2. Fiscal Year; Accounting 2.3. Bank Accounts 2.4. Reports to Members 2.5. Tax Returns 2.6. Appraisals 2.7. List of Members 2.8. Valuation of Units 3.
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