Definition of 227) “Reasonable aAssurance

227) “Reasonable aAssurance means a high degree of confidence that submitted data and statements are valid. (228) "Recycled Boxboard" means containers of solid fiber made from recycled fibers, including cereal boxes, shoe boxes and protective paper packaging for dry foods. It also includes folding paper cartons, July 2011 Discussion Draft A-38 set-up boxes, and similar boxboard products. Recycled boxboard is made from recycled fibers. (229) "Recycled Linerboard" means types of paperboard made from recycled fibers that meet specific tests adopted by the packaging industry to qualify for use as the outer facing layer for corrugated board, from which shipping containers are made. (230) “Recycled Medium" means the center segment of corrugated shipping containers, being faced with linerboard on both sides. Recycled medium is made from recycled fibers.