Definition of 2.1.31 “Small Tools

2.1.31 “Small Tools means items that are ordinarily required for a worker’s job function, including but not limited to, equipment that ordinarily has no licensing, insurance or substantive storage costs associated with it; such as circular and chain saws, impact drills, threaders, benders, wrenches, socket tools, etc. 2.1.32 “Specifications” shall mean all of the directions, requirements, and standards of performance applying to the Work as hereinafter detailed and designated under the Specifications. 2.1.33 “Subcontractor” shall mean any person, firm or corporation, other than employees of the Contractor, who or which contracts with the Contractor or with its subcontractors to furnish, or actually furnishes labor, or labor and materials, or labor and equipment, or superintendence, supervision and/or management at the Site. Wherever the word Subcontractor appears, it shall also mean sub-Subcontractor. 2.1.34 “Substantial Completion” shall mean the written determination by the Engineer that the Work required under this Contract is substantially, but not entirely, complete and the approval of the Final Approved Punch List. 2.1.35 “Work” shall mean all services required to complete the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents, including without limitation, labor, material, superintendence, management, administration, equipment, and incidentals, and obtaining any and all permits, certifications and licenses as may be necessary and required to complete the Work, and shall include both Contract Work and Extra Work. CHAPTER II: THE WORK AND ITS PERFORMANCE ARTICLE 3. CHARACTER OF THE WORK 3.1 Unless otherwise expressly provided in the Contract Drawings, Specifications, and Addenda, the Work shall be performed in accordance with the best modern practice, utilizing, unless otherwise specified in writing, new and unused materials of standard first grade quality and workmanship and design of the highest quality, to the satisfaction of the Commissioner. ARTICLE 4. MEANS AND METHODS OF CONSTRUCTION 4.1 Unless otherwise expressly provided in the Contract Drawings, Specifications, and Addenda, the Means and Methods of Construction shall be such as the Contractor may choose; subject, however, to the Engineer’s right to reject the Means and Methods of Construction proposed by the Contractor which in the opinion of the Engineer: