Definition of 2.1.20Registrable Securities

2.1.20Registrable Securities means the Series A Registrable Securities, the Series B Registrable Securities, the Series C Registrable Securities, the Series D Registrable Securities, the Series E Registrable Securities and the Warrant Registrable Securities; provided, however, that securities which would otherwise be Registrable Securities shall cease to be "Registrable Securities" when (i) such securities have been registered under the Securities Act pursuant to an effective registration statement filed thereunder and disposed of in accordance with the registration statement covering them or (ii) the entire amount of such securities held by any Holder may be sold in a single sale, without any limitation as to volume or manner of sale pursuant to Rule 144 promulgated under the Securities Act. Wherever reference is made in this Agreement to a request or consent of Holders of a certain percentage of Registrable Securities, the determination of such percentage shall include and be calculated on the basis of shares of Common Stock issued or issuable in respect of the Preferred Stock."