Definition of 2019-A Exchange Note

2019-A Exchange Note means the note, substantially in the form of Exhibit A to the Credit and Security Agreement, executed and authenticated according to the Credit and Security Agreement and the Exchange Note Supplement.

2019-A Exchange Note means the note, substantially in the form set forth in Exhibit A to the 2019-A Exchange Note Supplement, duly executed and authenticated in accordance with the Basic Collateral Agency Agreement and the 2019-A Exchange Note Supplement.

Examples of 2019-A Exchange Note in a sentence

Each party hereto acknowledges and agrees (and each holder or pledgee of the 2019-A Exchange Note, by virtue of its acceptance of such Exchange Note or pledge thereof acknowledges and agrees) that (i) the Specified Interest is a separate series of the Titling Trust as provided in Section 3806(b)(2) of Chapter 38 of Title 12 of the Delaware Code, 12 Del.
The 2019-A Exchange Note has been duly executed, issued, authenticated and delivered and is the valid and binding obligation of the Borrowers entitled to the benefits of the Exchange Note Supplement and the Credit and Security Agreement.
The obligations of the Seller under this Agreement will not be affected by reason of any invalidity, illegality or irregularity of the 2019-A Exchange Note or any 2019-A Lease or 2019-A Vehicle allocated to the 2019-A Reference Pool.
This Agreement will terminate on the payment in full or cancellation of the 2019-A Exchange Note.
The Seller is receiving from the Purchaser reasonably equivalent value in exchange for the transfer of 2019-A Exchange Note.