Definition of 2018 Facility Limit

2018 Facility Limit means the “Facility Limit,” as such term is defined in the 2018 Warehouse Agreement.

Examples of 2018 Facility Limit in a sentence

Except as provided in Section 2.12(b), TFL may not reallocate any portion of the 2018 Facility Limit to the Facility Limit without the prior written consent of all Group Agents.(b) In addition, on the Recommenced Borrowing Date and on each Payment Date occurring after the Recommenced Borrowing Date, the excess of the 2018 Facility Limit over the aggregate principal amount of the 2018 Loan Balance shall automatically be reallocated from the 2018 Facility Limit to the Facility Limit.
On each Maximum Facility Limit Reallocation Date, the Facility Limit, and/or the 2018 Facility Limit will be increased or decreased, as applicable, by the amount specified in the related Maximum Facility Limit Reallocation Notice.