Definition of 2017 Budget

2017 Budget means the written budget of the Companies for the fiscal year ending January 31, 2018 in the form provided to the Buyer prior to the date hereof.

Examples of 2017 Budget in a sentence

Reflects the FY 2017 Budget enacted by the General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor on June 24, 2016.
The 2017 Budget includes $10 million in projected revenues from enforcement of the law.
For a description of the County’s current multi-year financial plan and the budget gap closing measures contained therein, see “COUNTY FINANCIAL CONDITION – 2017 Budget and 2017-2020 Multi-Year Financial Plan” in “APPENDIX A – INFORMATION ABOUT THE COUNTY” herein.
Mr. Warren moved approval of the General Expenditures Budget for the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget.
APPROVAL OF GENERAL EXPENDITURES FOR THE FY 2017 BUDGET Authority Treasurer Michael Adkins noted the proposal for the FY 2017 Budget was included in the Agenda; all amounts are the same as last year and staff anticipates that to be sufficient.