Definition of 2012 Option

2012 Option means each Company Option granted during the 2012 calendar year.

Examples of 2012 Option in a sentence

The Company could have earned an additional 16% by funding a subsequent feasibility study by August 15, 2012 (Option 2) and an additional 5% could be earned upon completion of mine permitting (Option 3) for a total interest of 70% with Western Copper retaining a 30% participating interest in the joint venture.
The maximum number of common shares issuable under the 2012 Option Plan is equal to 10% of the issued and outstanding common shares at the time the common shares are reserved for issuance.
Amended October 26, 1989; August 26, 1996; March 3, 1999; August 20, 2001; March 20, 2009; December 14, 2012 Option Contract Date visited: October 13, 2016 (4) The term “option contract” or “option” means a put option, a call option, a binary option, a range option or a packaged spread option (as defined in Article XXVI of the By-Laws) issued by the Corporation pursuant to the By-Laws and Rules.
Each assumed 2012 Option shall be exercisable (or will become exercisable in accordance with its terms) for that number of whole shares of Parent Common Stock equal to the product (rounded down to the nearest whole share of Parent Common Stock) of (i) the number of Shares that would have been issuable upon exercise of such 2012 Option immediately prior to the Effective Time and (ii) the Option Exchange Ratio.
The share purchase option plan (the "2012 Option Plan") is based on the maximum number of eligible shares equaling 10% of the Company's outstanding common shares, calculated from time to time.