Definition of 2010 Adjustment

2010 Adjustment means (i) for the fiscal periods ending 3/31/11, 6/30/11 and 9/30/11, the amount of $4,500,000, and (ii) for all other fiscal periods, the amount of $0.”

2010 Adjustment means the adjustment to COI rates, including the use of the Funding Ratio, on certain PAUL Series 2(c) and Series 3 policies, insured’s issue age 68 and over, face amount of $1 million and over, beginning on or about April 1, 2010. For the purposes of clarity, the 2010 Adjustment includes the adjustment to COI rates for Policies issued in New York originally included in the 2010 Adjustment, including those that began receiving different COI rates on or about January 1, 2012 due to a revised methodology for applying the COI rate adjustment for the Policies.

Examples of 2010 Adjustment in a sentence

If the audited net profit of the Group for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2010 is less than RMB170,000,000, then the Class A Shareholder’s Share proportion in the Company (calculated on a fully diluted basis) shall be increased to such percentage which is equal to RMB170,000,000 divided by the audited net profit for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2010, multiplied by the 2010 Adjustment Percentage.
IFEU 2010: Adjustment and upgrading of “Data and calculation model”: Energy consumption and pollutant emissions from motorised transport in Germany 1960- 2030 (TREMOD, Version 5), final report commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency, Heidelberg, March 2010.
March 1, 2010 Adjustment to compensation expense due to adoption of IFRS 2 $ 176 Under IFRS 2, compensation expense is realized using the graduated method over all respective vesting periods with the inclusion of a provision for cancellation based on historical non-vesting rates.
Licensor shall have the right to terminate this License Agreement upon the failure of Licensee to pay the 2009 Adjustment Royalty, 2010 Adjustment Royalty or Adjusted Royalty pursuant to Paragraphs 3.7-3.9. If the matter is submitted to binding mediation and arbitration pursuant to Article XII, then this License Agreement shall not be terminated while the arbitration is pending and until the arbitrator's final decision.
Document Indicative adoption date in LDS 2009 Indicative adoption date in LDS 2010 (Adjustment) Progress/Preparation work Proposals Map May 2012 Aug 2012 (3 months) Evidence gathering work in progress.