Definition of 2009A&B Project

2009A&B Project means the parking facility located on the main campus of the Florida International University as previously approved by the Board of Governors and the Legislature, and subject to any deletions, modifications, or substitutions deemed necessary and expedient and approved by resolution of the Board of Governors.

2009A&B Project means the parking facility constructed on the campus of the University with the proceeds of the Series 2009A&B Bonds.

Examples of 2009A&B Project in a sentence

The Registered Owners of the 2009A&B Bonds will have a lien on all the proceeds of such Bonds deposited in the 2009A&B Project Construction Fund until such moneys are applied as provided in the Resolution.
Funds remaining in the 2009A&B Project Construction Fund after completion of the 2009A&B Project will be deposited into the Sinking Fund, to be used for the purposes thereof.
The 2009A&B Project is consistent with the University’s Campus Master Plan.
The 2009A&B Project The 2009A&B Project consists of the construction of a seven-level parking garage (Garage Five) containing approximately 2,100 parking spaces.
A project schedule has been developed with the construction of the 2009A&B Project scheduled to commence in July 2009 and to be completed in August 2010.