Definition of 2009 Bonds Indenture

2009 Bonds Indenture means the Indenture, dated as of January 15, 1994, as amended and supplemented, relating to the 2009 Bonds. the 2009 Bonds. "2009 Bonds Trustee" means Union Bank, N.A., and its successors and assigns, as trustee for

Examples of 2009 Bonds Indenture in a sentence

From the amounts deposited in the Redevelopment Obligation Retirement Fund, the Agency will first transfer to the Trustee accounts required to be depicted in the Debt Service Fund established under the Indenture and the 2009 Bonds Indenture.
Reference herein to, or citation herein of, any provisions of the 2009 Bonds Indenture shall be deemed to incorporate the same as a part hereof in the same manner and with the same effect as if the same were fully set forth herein.
The Authority irrevocably instructs the Escrow Agent and the 2009 Bonds Trustee to pay to the respective owners of the Refunded Bonds presented for payment on the Redemption Date from amounts held in the Escrow Fund the principal of the Refunded Bonds maturing on the Redemption Date and the principal and prepayment premium (as provided in the 2009 Bonds Indenture) of the Refunded Bonds called for redemption on the Redemption Date, plus in each case unpaid interest accrued thereon to the Redemption Date.
The applicable and necessary provisions of the 2009 Bonds Indenture, including particularly the redemption provisions thereof, are incorporated herein by reference.
The Authority irrevocably instructs the 2009 Bonds Trustee to mail, at least 30 but not more than 60 days prior to the Redemption Date, a notice of redemption of the Refunded Bonds, as required under the 2009 Bonds Indenture.