Definition of 2008E Bonds

2008E Bonds means the California Statewide Communities Development Authority Refunding Revenue Bonds (Los Angeles County Museum of Art Project) Series 2008E issued under the Indenture.

Examples of 2008E Bonds in a sentence

Year Amount 2030 $ 11,745,000 2031 11,780,000 2032 12,025,000 2033 12,165,000 2034 12,285,000 2008E Bonds Year Amount 2030 $ 5,705,000 2031 5,655,000 2032 5,575,000 2033 5,580,000 2034 5,485,000 Notice of Redemption; Effect of Redemption.
During the year ended June 30, 2008, Energy Northwest issued, for Nuclear Projects No. 1 and 3, and Columbia, the Series 2008-A Bonds, Series 2008-B Bonds, Series 2008-D Bonds, and Series 2008-E Bonds.
The Series 2008-A, 2008-B, 2008-C, 2008-D, and 2008-E Bonds issued for Nuclear Project No. 1, Nuclear Project No. 3, and Columbia are fixed rate bonds with a weighted average coupon interest rate ranging from 4.15 percent to 5.85 percent.
The Trustee will inform the Owners of the Series 2008E Bonds of the interest rate determined upon request.
The CUS 2008E Bonds were issued to lock in long term fixed rates rather than to achieve debt service savings.