Definition of 2008 Lenders

2008 Lenders means (a) the 2008 Lenders, and (b) any Affiliates of any 2008 Lender party to a Rate Management Transaction or owed any Banking Services Obligations.
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Examples of 2008 Lenders in a sentence

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, if Borrowers indefeasibly pay all Obligations in full on or prior to March 28, 2008, Lenders shall credit to Borrowers from the Early Termination Fee an amount equal to the difference between the amount of interest actually paid or owing pursuant to the terms hereof and the amount of interest that would have been due or paid if the interest rate on the Closing Date had been the Reduced Interest Rate.
At December 31, 2009 and 2008, Lenders One had total assets of $4,523 and $2,300, respectively and payables of $1,880 and $1,156, respectively.
The Borrower shall give the Administrative Agent irrevocable notice (which notice must be received by the Administrative Agent prior to 10:00 A.M., New York City time, one Business Day prior to the anticipated Closing Date or First Amendment Effective Date, as applicable) requesting that the Term Lenders make the Term Loans on the Closing Date and specifying the amount to be borrowed or the 2008 Lenders make the 2008 Term Loans on the First Amendment Effective Date and specifying the amount to be borrowed.
The Administrative Agent shall credit the account of the Borrower on the books of such office of the Administrative Agent with the aggregate of the amounts made available to the Administrative Agent by the Term Lenders or the 2008 Lenders in immediately available funds.