Definition of 1993A Bonds

1993A Bonds means the City of Vista Community Facilities District No. 92-1 Special Tax Bonds (North County Square) 1993 Series A issued by the District on October 14, I 993 in the aggregate principal amount of $12,555,000.

Examples of 1993A Bonds in a sentence

Pursuant to a loan agreement and a bond resolution, the Authority issued and sold $21,245,000 of Series 1993A Bonds, of which $8,895,000 was outstanding as of June 30, 2003.
Likewise, the Prop-C 1993-A Bonds Swap agreement was also terminated and the Prop C 1993-A Bonds were refunded with fixed rate bonds.
In June 2009, LACMTA terminated its two existing swap agreements with AIG Financial Product by full redemption of the outstanding Prop A 1992-A Bonds and payment of a termination fee to AIG and the refunding the Prop C 1993-A Bonds to fixed rate bonds and the payment of a termination fee to AIG.
A total of $8,855,000 is recognized on the University’s consolidated balance sheet, as the Series 1993A Bonds are recorded net of an unamortized discount of $40,000 at June 30, 2003.
In June 2009, Proposition C Series 2009-B Refunding Bonds with the par value of $245,825 were issued to refund Proposition C Series 1993-A Bonds for the aggregate par value of $191,890 and terminate the related Swap Agreement with AIG.