Definition of 1992 Loan

1992 Loan means the loan made by the Authority to the Agency in the aggregate amount of $134,433,052.80 pursuant to the 1992 Loan Agreement.

Examples of 1992 Loan in a sentence

The Loan Agreement continues a Special Fund established pursuant to the 1992 Loan Agreement and continued pursuant to the 1997 Loan Agreement to be held by the Agency.
For each program with pre- 1992 Loan Guarantees, report gross receivables from defaulted guaranteed loans assumed for direct collection in column 2 and the related interest receivable in column 3.
The payment to the Housing Authority under the agreement is limited to housing set-aside funds generated within the WECIP Project Area after the Agency’s administrative costs related to the agreement and debt service on tax allocation bonds referenced in the agreement (bonds originally issued in 1985, then redeemed with proceeds of the 1992 Bonds, and now proposed to be repaid with the prepayment of the loan under the 1992 Loan Agreement to be discharged with proceeds of the 2011 Series B Bonds).
Proceeds of the 1992 Bonds were loaned by the Authority to the Agency (the "1992 Loan") pursuant to a Loan Agreement dated as of February 1, 1992 between the Authority and the Agency (the "1992 Loan Agreement").