Definition of 19) "Rules

19) "Rules means rules adopted by the department or the department of justice pursuant to this code.
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Examples of 19) "Rules in a sentence

Under Section 8(d) of Rule 19, Rules of Court, if the judgment be for the delivery of pos- session of real property, the writ of execution must require the sheriff or other officer to whom it must be directed to deliver the possession of the property, describing it, to the party enti- tled thereto.
Rules and Regulations, 1961-1972 16mm Department of Health, 1972 Roll #19 Rules and Regulations, 1960-1974 MP0399 Department of Health, 1973 AR74-5-30 thru Dupe Neg.
Singapore.557979.5/SCHP 19 Rules Comments Authorisation or a Tax Incentive in relation to the Investment.
Under this docket, IDAPA 16, Title 03, Chapter 19, Rules for Adult Foster Care Homes in Idaho, is being repe its entirety.
The acquisition, preparation, including freezing, canning, storage and serving food and drink and the washing of dishes in a facility shall comply with Idaho Department of Health and W Rules, Title 02, Chapter 19, Rules Governing Food Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments (UNIC February 1, 1990 is incorporated herein by reference and outlined in Section 008.