Definition of 1.51 Trustee

1.51 Trustee means the trustee or trustees holding the funds of the Plan as provided in Article 11. 1.52 Valuation Date means the last business day of each calendar month or such more frequent dates as the Administrative Committee shall establish. 1.53 Vested Portion means the portion of the Accounts in which the Member has a nonforfeitable interest as provided in Article 6 or, if applicable, Section 13.05.
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Examples of 1.51 Trustee in a sentence

Each separate trustee and co-trustee upon its acceptance of the trusts conferred, shall be vested with the estates or property specified in its instrument of appointment, either jointly with the Trustee or separately, as may be provided therein, subject to all the provisions of this Agreement, specifically including every provision of this Agreement relating to the conduct of, affecting the liability of, or affording protection to, the 151 Trustee.
The Depositor has not authorized the filing of and is not aware of any financing statements against the Depositor that include a description of collateral covering the Mortgage Loans other than any financing statement relating to the security interest granted to the 151 Trustee hereunder or that has been terminated.