Definition of 1.5.1 “The Actuary

1.5.1 “The Actuary means a professionally qualified actuary or firm of such actuaries appointed by the Trustee as advisors to the Plan except that in connection with any benefits in respect of which the Trustee has effected annuity policies or contracts pursuant to this Deed with an insurance company it means that the actuary for the time being of that insurance company. 1.5.2 “Alcan Companies and Alcan Associated Companies” means Alcan Inc., Alcan Sprostons Limited and Alcan Properties Limited and ‘any Alcan Company’ means any of the Alcan Companies. 1.5.3 “Associated Employer” means an employer (other than the Principal Employer) which participates in the Plan under Clause 4... 1.5.14 “The Employer” means the Principal Employer and any Associate Employers and (in relation to an Employee or Member) the Employer by which he is or was last employed. 1.5.19 “Member” shall mean an Employee who has joined the Plan and who is currently in Pensionable Service. 1.5.23 “Pensioner” means a former Member whose pension under the Plan has come into payment. 1.5.26 “Principal Employer” means Glencore Alumina Jamaica Limited and includes any other person which shall as a result of reconstruction, amalgamation, purchase or otherwise be the successor in business of the Principal Employer which shall have assumed the obligations of the Principal Employer under clause 15 of the Trust Deed.” [14] Under the rubric, ‘General Augmentation of Benefits’, rule 5.7.1 provides as follows: